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Council Meetings

The Council meets usually six times a year.  The AGM is a special meeting, usually held in May.  At that meeting, in addition to normal business, the Chair and Vice-chair are elected, any newly-elected councillors are sworn in and the accounts for the previous financial year, which ends on 31 March, are approved.  Meetings are usually held in the Parish Room at the former Folkestone Racecourse.

Members of the public are entitled to attend any council meeting.  They may not speak unless invited to do so by the Chair.  There is an agenda item giving the opportunity at each meeting for residents to comment on any issues on the agenda.  No discussion on matters not covered by the agenda should take place and no decisions may be made on them.  Residents should raise such matters with the Clerk at least seven days before the meeting so that an item can be considered for inclusion in the agenda.

Agendas and minutes of older meetings can be viewed by following these links:

Agendas and minutes of all meetings are archived and may be viewed here.

  • Stanford Parish Room