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Making a Planning Application

Folkestone & Hythe District Council is the Planning Authority for Stanford.  Consult their website for advice on whether a planning application is needed and how to make the application.  For some works, there are quicker and cheaper procedures you can follow and you may not need to make any application at all if what you want to do is ‘permitted development’.

If an application for planning consent is needed, then it’s a good idea to get ‘pre-application advice’ from the planning authority.  There may be a charge for that.

Viewing and commenting on a Planning Application

You can view applications online on F&HDC’s website.  The parish council is no longer sent paper copies of planning applications.  If you are unable to use the online system you will have to apply to see the paper copies at the F&HDC offices in Folkestone.

F&HDC changed their planning portal in January 2020.  Although all historic applications have now been moved to the new system, there are still some quirks. For example, if searching by parish, newer applications come under 'Stanford Parish' whereas older ones come under 'Stanford'.  It's the same for all parishes.

Stanford Parish Council has a full set of paper documents for the Otterpool Park Outline planning application.  Contact any councillor if you want to refer to them.  The documents can also be viewed online at F&HDC’s website.

There is plenty of advice online on what to say when commenting a planning application.  If you are objecting, the points you raise must be ‘material considerations’ for the planners to take any notice of them.  CPRE publishes a comprehensive booklet on the subject.

The preferred way to submit your comments is to use F&HDC’s online system.  There is, however, a limit on the length of a submission made that way.  An alternative is to email your comments (preferably as a pdf document) to [email protected]

Viewing and responding to Consultations

To view and comment on documents F&HDC or KCC are consulting the public on, for example the Draft Local Plan, you will have to visit their online consultation portals.  You will have to register to make comments.